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This site helps you to explain to your customers the enormous possibilities and added value of jacquard woven custom made towels.

Towels used as an advertising medium ensure tremendous added value. Your client will appreciate a customised towel offered as a corporate gift or marketing tool above all other products. Towels are in constant use - at the sauna, in the swimming pool, on the golf course and in the gym – your logo is seen over and over again making them the ideal business gift or promotional product.

The choice of logo, text, colour and size is yours. You just tell us what you want and we will make it as you wish. In the end you will get a product which is completely yours.

Towels are made to last. Your customers will be able to keep them and enjoy them far into the future.

weaving techniques
We can apply your logo, company name or advertising slogan to our products in different ways... more
weaving techniques
Our high quality supplier is an extremely well structured company that offers quality, service and low minimum quantities... more
weaving techniques
Towels are either woven in normal terry or have a velour finish... more
weaving techniques
Please proceed for access to different towel constructions... more


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