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We can apply your logo, company name or advertising slogan to our products in different ways:

  body weaving
For optimum visual impact, we can weave the logo across the entire surface of the cloth. The logo is clearly expressed and has a full promotional impact.
  embossed weaving
Embossed weaving creates a more subtle effect. The personalisation is high class. Your logo is sculpted into the towel and is expressed in a discrete way.
  double jacquard border
Multi-coloured logos come across best in a double jacquard border. The logo or text is woven in a border at the bottom and/or top. The height of the border is a maximum of 12cms on beach towels.
  dobby border
An attractive dobby border can be added as a further finishing touch.
  dobby border
Several or all of the techniques decribed above can be applied to one and the same towel.
For high resolution pictures click here.
  dobby border
Digital printing process on a polyester jacquard border of 9cm wide. This technique is ideal for complicated logo’s that require lots of detail and depth. Also pictures of buildings, people, football and basketball teams can be printed in high definition.
  dobby border
Producing jacquard golf towels is a specialty on its own. This highly traditional product is an essential accessory for players of all levels who understand how important it is to keep their clubs and ball clean during every round. The growing popularity of this sport is sure to make golf towels a hit with your customers, without taking you over budget.
  dobby border
Bar towels are ideal as an advertising medium for beer brands, whiskies and other drinks. Such towels are found in bars, cafés and restaurants.
  dobby border
Tea and kitchen towels and aprons in 100% cotton. Adding your logo or a special pattern or saying imparts a highly personal touch to kitchen linen.
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